Q&A with Daniel Ashby

To help get to know our new pastor, Daniel Ashby, we asked him a few questions. His answers will fill you in on his background and experience. We are appreciating his ministry already and you can Listen Online

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Daniel, how did you come to faith in Jesus Christ?

From the earliest age there was Gospel influence in my life; I was taught the Bible faithfully and saw the Christian life lived out in members of my family. I remember as a small child being convicted that I was a sinner and that only through trusting in Jesus’ death on the cross could I be saved. When I was eleven I think for the first time I understood the change the Gospel makes in our lives and my walk with God really took off after that.

What training did you have along the way?

Having been discipled for a number of years as a member of Emmanuel Baptist Church, I had the privilege to spend a year in England with the Open Air Mission as a trainee evangelist. After this I attended the Irish Baptist College for three years completing a Bachelor of Divinity degree and a Ministry Diploma. Whilst working with Great Victoria St Baptist Church I had the opportunity to do further study and completed my Masters in Theology. This has been complemented with the experiences and training I have enjoyed through serving and fellowshipping at Great Vic.

Describe your work over 7 years with Great Victoria Street Baptist Church?

It has been a joy to serve at Great Vic in the role of community outreach worker. Naturally it has developed and evolved over time but much of what I have been involved in has been getting out into the local community with the Gospel. This has involved community-based work, schools and youth work and work with students and young adults. Over time it has developed to more of a support role in the church alongside our Pastor, seeing more of my time spent in preaching, visitation and helping develop our young adults’ ministry and in transitioning the children’s and youth work to being run by members of the church.

In what way has the experience you gained at Great Vic prepared you for pastoral ministry?

My experience has allowed me to see the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of church life and how that when we are faithful in teaching the Bible and reaching out with the Gospel, Christ builds His Church. It has enabled me to learn how to work with others and be there for God’s people in the best times and the worst times and to see the change the Gospel makes in conversion and discipleship. I’ve had the privilege to work under two excellent pastors and to be part of a strong eldership in partnership with good deacons which has been invaluable in my ministry growth. Most of all I’ve learnt that ministry in the local Church is for the long haul, is full of joy and tears but is the best job in the world.

How do you see the future of Lisburn Baptist Church?

It’s my prayer and desire that as a church we will continue to be true to the Bible, communicating the Word of God faithfully and relevantly; that we will reach out with the Gospel and see our local communities coming to faith and being added to the church; that as a fellowship we will live out the Gospel with each other in close fellowship and love, which is the distinctive of Christ’s disciples; and that we would learn from and support each other as we become more like Jesus.

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