Sarah & Andi Wagner

Andi and Sarah live in Switzerland.

Sarah is the Administrative Assistant to Bogdan Bassara, the International Multimedia Director of Child Evangelism Fellowship®. This involves:

  • answering e-mail enquiries about literature and ensuring other countries have the necessary files for translating or printing.
  • co-ordinating the writing, checking, editing and proofreading, as well as doing the layout of the teachers’ guide for the Bible lessons and missionary lessons produced by CEF Europe.
  • taking the minutes at the meetings of the European Leadership Advisory Group (ELAG) and the European Multimedia Advisory Group (MAG), as well as at the international meetings of the Regional Literature Directors.

Andi works as a service technician for a medical company installing and repairing equipment in hospitals, universities and research laboratories. Sarah works from home and Andi helps with the practical issues of having a home office (purchasing paper and toner, solving computer problems, etc).

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