The Lord’s Supper

Why do we meet ?

  1. Jesus commanded us to meet to remember Him in this way.
  2. Jesus has invited us to meet.
  3. This is a remembrance service – we meet to remember the Lord Jesus Christ, His death, burial, resurrection and return.

When do we meet ?

Every Lord’s day (Sunday). The early church met on the first day of the week to remember the Lord Jesus.

Who meets ?

Anyone can remain to witness the service. However only those who know the Lord Jesus as their own personal Saviour should partake of the bread and wine.

What happens when we meet ?

This service is an object lesson of how the Lord Jesus effected our Salvation by His death on Calvary. We believe the bread and wine are emblems of His body and blood. They are visual aids to help us remember Him.

The format of the Service is simple:

  1. We sing a suitable hymn that reminds us of the death of the Lord Jesus;
  2. Someone, usually an Elder of the Church, will focus our thoughts on the Lord Jesus’ death, resurrection and return using a relevant passage from the Bible. We must not forget that this Remembrance Service is only held until the Lord Jesus returns;
  3. Someone will pray thanking God for the bread, which reminds us of Jesus’ body broken for us on Calvary. The bread will then be broken and distributed.
  4. Someone will pray thanking God for the wine, which reminds us of Jesus’ blood, poured out for us on Calvary. The wine will then be distributed.
  5. During the distribution of the bread and wine we have time to reflect personally on the death, burial, resurrection and return of the Lord Jesus.
  6. We may sing another suitable hymn, and someone will offer a closing prayer.

What happens after we meet?

Having met to remember the Lord Jesus as He commanded us to, we leave to serve Him during the week.