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SUN 5th April 2020 Pastor Daniel Ashby
@ 11.30 am SERIES on 1st John (2) Putting the Gospel into Practice
@  6.30 pm Snapshots of Easter (2) Titles Jesus was given at the Cross 
WED 8th April @ 8.00 pm Bible Study with Pastor Ashby

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Lisburn Baptist Youth:

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  1. Looking forward to watching on Sunday!

    1. Thanks, Paul So am I.

  2. Looking forward to on-line broadcasts🙂🙏

    1. Hope you are still enjoying them!

  3. Blessed by this mornings first live online sermon by Daniel. Thanks also to everyone who made this possible behind the scenes. We enjoyed worshipping in song too and the technology worked well.

    1. I think the team made some great improvements yesterday (29th), too, by adding in important visual info at bottom left at times.

  4. Congratulations to Daniel and the technical team. It was good to share fellowship with our invisible brothers and sisters.

    1. Thank you! What a talented team (mostly young people) we have! Keep safe.

  5. Just enjoying the Spotify play list for this mornings service. Thanks for selecting these hymns.

    1. Thanks Charlie. And wasn’t it super to see the words of hymns up on the broadcast yesterday with a recording of our church singing them in the background. A fantastic “LBC Broadcast Team” you and Geoff have.

  6. We are blessed to be able to join in fellowship despite these uncertain times. Thanks to all involved for organising this.

    1. Glad you are able to tune in.Keep safe and God bless.

  7. Great to worship ‘together’ at church today. Thanks to Pastor Ashby for sharing God’s word & Geoff for his prayer 🙏🏻

    1. …and your reply to the elders “LBC Prayer” message yesterday (29th) is much appreciated, too:
      “…it was a blessing to join in fellowship with others today at LBC.”

  8. Thanks Daniel for today’s broadcast and all those providing technical support. Was great.

    1. Much appreciated. Hope you all could watch and listen yesterday as well. Take care.

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