Good News! (part 1)

good news begins

God made the world and God made man, our first parents: “In the beginning God created”.

But they rebelled and because of disobedience (sin) were separated from him. In spite of this, God loved our lost human race, you and me included, who are all deserving of his judgement for sin. So he promised a solution.

good news continues

This tells us that God came into this world (Jesus was his name). He lived a life of perfection, performed amazing miracles, was crucified and buried but three days later rose to life again! A few weeks after that, hundreds watched as he was taken up to heaven.

By his death and resurrection Jesus became the solution to our problem and the only way back God, the Father. “I am the way, the truth and the life”, he said. “No one comes to the Father except through me.”

good news concludes

Anyone who turns from sin (repents) and believes the good news (trusts in Jesus Christ and what he did) will find forgiveness of sin, peace with God, and assurance of heaven for ever. That’s the promise of “life to the full” for as long as we live and after we die!

good news?

Of course! And followers of Jesus want to share it with everyone!

Actually there’s lots more good news in the world’s best-seller, the Bible.

NEXT a summary of the Bible’s Good News Story

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